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About Us

We are Firebird Robotics, a robotics team at Chaparral High School that participates in the For Inspiration & Recognition in Science & Technology (FIRST) Competitions. FIRST is an organization founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers in the early 1990s dedicated to bringing value of STEM, cooperation, and gracious professionalism.

We have been an active team since our founding in 2009 with roughly 35 members, 10 mentors, and have been in 25 competitions and won 16 awards. Between 2016-2018, we competed in the World Championship and in our second visit in 2017, won the Gracious Professionalism Award. As a team, we try to embrace the values of FIRST and have fun at the same time.​

When you join Firebird Robotics, you don’t just sign up for a team, you sign up for an experience. You sign yourself into the incredible and fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that is a FIRST competition. You sign up to the most dedicated and enthusiastic robotics team you’ll ever see. We’re just a bunch of kids. We’re here to learn. We may just be a high school robotics team, but we’re here to change the world.

Please take some time to explore the rest of our website! You can look at the robots our team has built in previous years, see the awards we’ve won at past competitions, view upcoming events, and more!

Mentors & Leaders

These are some of the many individuals who have significantly contributed to our team.
Mr. Geislinger has been our sponsor teacher for 3 years. He offers expert guidance in all departments (and the occasional pun).

Steve Geislinger

Mr. Jones brings over thirty years of real-world, technical experience to our programming team.

Steve Jones

Mr. Novotny, the father of a former member of the team, has been a mentor of the mechanical department for 7 years. He helps guide the prototyping and building process for the robot.

Paul Novotny

Mr. Sharkey has been our business mentor for 3 years. He also manages our Booster Club and helps to develop the website.

Mike Sharkey

Mr. Vogel has served as our finance mentor for the past 2 years. He offers help securing sponsors for the team.

Anthony Vogel

As a former member of the team, Jakob is a student mentor for our team. He helps teach students in the mechanical department of the club.

Jakob Haas

Student Mentor
Evan, a former member of the team, helps as a student mentor. He assists in business aspects of the club.

Evan Seeds

Student Mentor
Amanda presides over team meetings, oversees all of the team's actions, and ensures that everything gets done on time. Amanda works with the other members of the executive team to complete the basic functions necessary for the team to run, including activities in outreach and finance.

Amanda Sharkey

Senior President
Gatlin manages the team by running meetings, organizing and attending outreach events, and acting as a representative for the team. He also assists with more technical aspects of the team, such as helping to teach the programming department.

Gatlin Farrington

Ava assists the President in all areas of the team, completing a large portion of the writing for awards, and establishing business connections. Ava also runs team meetings when other members of the executive team are unable to.

Ava Claire Lariego

Vice President
Sophie keeps sponsors, parents, students, and mentors informed and updated on the team's activities and more through weekly emails. She helps to manage the team's email and other important forms of communication.

Sophie Wallace

Areeb manages the team's funds. He is responsible for contacting current and potential sponsors to receive funds, setting up fundraisers for the team, and ensuring that we have enough money to attend competitions.

Areeb Khan

Adnaan and Jarrod oversee the construction and design of the physical robot. Together, they educate newer members of the club on how to properly and safely use power tools in the workshop.

Adnaan Ali & Jarrod Schwab

Co-Heads of Mechanical
Theo is responsible for wiring the electrical components on the robot. He teaches his department about the basics of electrical and guides novice members in safely and properly wiring parts both inside and outside of FRC.

Theo Altneu

Head of Electrical
Branden is responsible for coding the robot and website with the help of other team members. He programs using Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL.

Branden Yang

Head of Programming
Austin is responsible for modeling all physical and electrical components of the robot using a 3D-modeling software called Solidworks. He also models and 3D-prints parts for use on the robot.

Austin LoPresti

Head of CADD
Danielle runs the team's social media and oversees the production of any graphics or illustrations the team may need. She takes photos at events and puts together videos used for awards, promotions, and more.

Danielle Sharkey

Head of Media/Imagery
Vaughn assists the Head of Media/Imagery in all areas. He is responsible for learning all of the techniques needed to lead the department for the following year.

Vaughn Klein

Assistant Head of Media/Imagery
Asha and John work to contact sponsors, set up potential fundraisers, and occasionally assist with team financing. They are also responsible for keeping connections with sponsors and businesses.

Asha Ramaswamy & John Barry

Co-Heads of Business
Dana and Matthew are responsible for setting up events that reach out to our local community and assist it in some way. They help to establish important connections with people in our local setting.

Dana Corbo & Matthew Schwartz

Co-Heads of Outreach
Siri is responsible for analyzing fellow competing teams and organizing the selection of alliances during competitions. She determines which strategies and tactics will work best for the team, and is a vital part of the team during competition season.

Siri Kopparapu

Head of Strategy
Siddhant is in charge of maintaining the platform that CADD and programming use for coordination, and is responsible for keeping both of them updated.

Siddhant Saxena

Head of Version Control


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