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We are Firebird Robotics.

When you join Firebird Robotics, you don't sign up for a team, you sign up for an experience. You sign yourself into the incredible and fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that is a FIRST competition. You sign in to the most dedicated and enthusiastic robotics team you'll ever see. We're just a bunch of kids. We're here to learn. We may just be a high school robotics team, but we're here to change the world.

Firebird Robotics is a well established FIRST team based out of Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the last six years, we've grown from a small group of friends to an established community that is well known throughout the school. We have a tradition of taking pride in our work and a reputation of success.

The People - Leadership

Executive Team

  • Aeydn Lopresti --- Senior Executive President
  • Lindsay Billings --- Senior Executive Secretary
  • Amanda Sharkey --- Presiding Officer
  • Dana Corbo --- Vice Presiding Officer
  • Sophie Wallace --- Secretary
  • Seth Wiley --- Treasurer

Business Team

  • Jay MacIntyre --- Director of Finance and Fundraising
  • Ava Claire Lariego --- Director of Outreach


  • Jaden Hamid --- Co-Director Mechanical
  • Nick Dobrikov --- Co-Director of Mechanical

Programing and Electrical

  • Branden Yang --- Director of Programming
  • Theo Altneu --- Director of Electrical

Computer Aid Design and Pit Crew

  • Will Reynolds --- Director of CAD

Media and Spirit

  • Danielle Sharkey --- Director of Media and Photography


  • Mr. Stephen Geislinger --- Supervisor/Advisor
  • Mr. Steve Jones --- Programming Supervisor/Advisor
  • Mr. Paul Novotny
  • Our Familes Who Support Us

Learn engineering with us.

Mechanical | Programming | Web Design | Media | Business | Management | Electrical

Learn with your hands.

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical team builds a complete robot from scratch every year. In the six weeks allotted during build season, the members transform drawings of potential designs into a tangible, programmable robot. Using CAD, 3D printers, power tools, wrenches, and a few nuts and bolts, they prototype and bring the ideas to life.

One line, one solution

Programming + Electrical Engineering

The programming team turns mechanical's chunk of aluminum into a functioning robot using Java. Beside the standard RoboRio, they use the Odroid-C1 coprocessor to store all the match information for post match analysis along with the vision processing solution written in python.

Utilize your creativity.

Media + Marketing

The media team is all about spreading the word "robotics" and catching people's attention with their content. From video editing and photography to writing HTML, the media team produces a wide variety of marketing and informational material across many different platforms. The team trains in graphic design to create an attractive and consistent brand identity.

Lead a team.

Business + Management

Business and Management focuses on the monetary side of the club, providing the team much-needed funds and securing sponsorship opportunities. They are responsible for many of the behind-the-scenes functions of the team, keeping the club running smoothly according to set deadlines and goals, along with volunteering the team at different community outreach events.

Robots are what we do.

Check out a visual exploration of our robots through the years.


2018 - Power-Up

Zoidberg was the robot we built and powered up for FIRST Robotics Competition: FIRST Power-Up. Named after the character from Matt Groening’s “Futurama”, our robot picks up 13” by 13” milk crates by using compression wheels attached to bag motors. Zoidberg would drop the cubes off on switches or push them through holes where someone would pick them up. Plus, the robot is able to climb 8ft through the use of a winch on the robot’s behind.

Chain Chomp

2017 - Steamworks

Chain Chomp was built to help us “chomp” our way to the World Championship in Houston. Chain Chomp’s front design consists of several surgical tubes on 3-D printed wheels that helps intake the “fuel”, which were pickle balls, into the hopper, the heart of Chain Chomp. Due to it collecting huge amounts of “fuel” in a short time, it reminded us of the character from Super Mario Bros., hence the name of the robot. In addition, there is a climbing mechanism with velcro to help us climb onto the flying machine and two pegs that holded a gear on the back of the robot. To shoot the “fuel”, Chain Chomp’s shooter was designed with a fly-wheel base and a wooden ramp.

The Red Queen

2016 - Stronghold

Our 2016 robot, “The Red Queen” was our response to the challenges of FIRST Stronghold. Our robot could collects “boulders” which were dodge balls that could be shot at low or high goals. Our robot only shot high goals because strategically speaking, shooting high goals got more points. The robot is also equipped with 34 inch pistons that extend 8 feet off the ground to reach a metal bar for the robot to climb, plus a tank drive with pneumatic tires to cross different obstacles.


2015 - Recycle Rush

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Our 2015 robot Carcinus is a giant huggable crab; a crab that has to stack boxes as high as six feet tall. Daring to do it all, he has a hook on the front that can pick up either game piece. Lifting bins in the back is fairly simple for this robot, considering that he uses all high pressure pneumatics. Rolling around the floor on omni-wheels gives him the ability to move in any direction he wants.

Lady Guinevere

2014 - Aerial Assist

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2014's robot was Lady Guinevere. This robot hoisted a two-foot ball seven feet in the air by firing a 220 lb piston to put tension into six bungee cords. Guinevere had a six wheel tank drive for superior maneuverability that held her stable through rough play. She spirals balls off the floor into the catapult using two contra-rotating beater bars coated in high friction matting. We outfitted her with every sensor we had in our shop to allow her to understand her surroundings.


2013 - Ultimate Ascent

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2013's robot, Sharon, was designed to fire frisbees and climb a metal pyramid. She fired frisbees into goals eight feet in the air from up to 40 feet away. Driving at high speeds, she hooked onto the pyramid's lowest rung for round ending points. Quick to act, all of her systems were controlled by electric motors for instant torque. The best thing about Sharon is literally everything. Killing machine, show stopper, and all around powerhouse are but a few ways you could describe the robot. Zoom, zoom like a Mazda does this robot travel across the field at 12.5 ft per second. Upending anything in her path, the robot cannot be stopped due to her low center of gravity.


Year: 2012 - Rebound Rumble

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2012's robot, Reboot, was a temperamental type, but an interesting one nonetheless. That year's challenge was shooting small foam basketballs which he could shoot to three separate heights. When the match came to a close, he had to balance on a seesaw in the middle of the field for extra points. Even though the drivetrain ran into many issues during the build, he ultimately had a swivel drive to more easily line up the sweet swishes.


Year: 2011 - LogoMotion

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The 2011 robot, Scorpio, was our team's most successful robot, equipped with vinyl tubes that stretched up to nine feet. Parallel to the main robot, he had a minibot that had to climb a ten-foot pole in less than ten seconds. Nearing the finals, Scorpio seeded 5th place in the Arizona Regional tournament.


Year: 2010 - Breakaway

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Firebird Robotics's second robot, Herbie, was built to play soccer with various other robots. This bot had a roller in the front for moving the balls into and out of her possession. On top of all her electronics, she had a roll cage to protect from incoming balls and other pesky robots, which now has been taken off and rides around on our demonstration robot.


Year: 2009 - Lunacy

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Our first robot, Marvin, was built to collect game pieces known as Moon Rocks for that year's challenge. Bringing the Moon Rocks to a scoring zone was the real challenge for this robot. Launching a piston at high velocities, he herded balls in front of himself for easy pickup.

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The Robotics Program at Chaparral is an overall fantastic experience. As a student in the robotics club, you will be exposed to many aspects of engineering and design. Be a part of an ambitious group who share your passion for science and math.


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As a mentor in the club, you guide and inspire the students involved to create an efficient robot that optimally attacks the challenge presented to the team. With your experience, you help our students grow both as engineers and people.


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