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About Us

We are Firebird Robotics, a robotics team at Chaparral High School that participates in the For Inspiration & Recognition in Science & Technology (FIRST) Competitions. FIRST is an organization founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers in the early 1990s dedicated to bringing value of STEM, cooperation, and gracious professionalism.

We have been an active team since our founding in 2009 with roughly 25 members and 4 mentors. We have been in 38 competitions, including 4 trips to World Championships and have won 22 awards. Between 2016-2018, we competed in the World Championship and in our second visit in 2017, won the Gracious Professionalism Award. Our most recent trip to World Championships was in 2023. As a team, we try to embrace the values of FIRST and have fun at the same time.​

When you join Firebird Robotics, you don’t just sign up for a team, you sign up for an experience. You sign yourself into the incredible and fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that is a FIRST competition. You sign up to the most dedicated and enthusiastic robotics team you’ll ever see. We’re just a bunch of kids. We’re here to learn. We may just be a high school robotics team, but we’re here to change the world.

Please take some time to explore the rest of our website! You can look at the robots our team has built in previous years, see the awards we’ve won at past competitions, view upcoming events, and more!


These are some of the individuals who have significantly contributed to our team.